ATTO XL Battery - Extra Long Range - 25 miles


  Lease to own   Pay as low as   $/week

Can travel up to 25 miles on a single charge

Not approved for flight

Fits perfectly into dedicated ATTO carrier accessories

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Discover a world without limits with your Atto scooter's revolutionary update - the XL Battery that promises double the range and, consequently, double the freedom!

Enhanced Energy with the Same Compact Design

Our engineers have meticulously crafted the XL Battery using 39 cells instead of the standard 26, squeezing over 35% more energy into the same compact space as your original battery. This brilliant innovation means an unprecedented single-charge range of 25 miles, all without altering the scooter's size or appearance.

Say Goodbye to Worries 

With this remarkable boost, you are liberated from the constant battery check, allowing you to roam farther and enjoy more spontaneous adventures.

Seize the Day with Confidence

Feel a renewed sense of confidence and independence, going twice the distance without a recharge, making your outings about the joy of exploration rather than battery limits.

Embrace the Freedom

Embrace life fully with the peace of mind that your Atto scooter is ready for far-reaching explorations, thanks to the advanced XL Battery technology.

•    Backup power assurance 
•    Guarantees mobility for an additional 40km/25Miles
•    Use dedicated carrying accessories ATTO Backpack or ATTO Essentials Pouch to carry
•    Works seamlessly with other ATTO Accessories

 XL Battery - 482.4 Wh

Package dimension  in):  4.4"|x 12.4"x 5.6"

Weight (Lb) :5.5