ATTO SPORT portable Mobility Scooter

Brand: Movinglife

SKU: AT02-100-B2-0-USCK


Folds and unfolds in 10 seconds

Easily splits into 2 lightweight parts

Max speed: 6.2 mph

Fits any car trunk

Take on board an airplane, train or cruise ship

Flight approved battery

Be unstoppable. Be stylish.  Meet the ATTO SPORT! A perfect combination of high-caliber functionality and cutting-edge design, we think of the ATTO SPORT as the sports car of all mobility scooters. As the newest addition to the Movinglife catalog, the ATTO SPORT comes with all the safety and convenience features of the classic ATTO scooter. Still, it offers extra performance, an extra-contemporary look, and features anyone enjoys and appreciates. 

Travel Certificate

  • Sleek, sportscar-like design and details
  • Easy to fold into trolley and easy to unfold 
  • Splits into 2 lightweight segments for easy carrying, compact storage
  • Trolley mode makes it convenient to walk with and steer when folded
  • Ergonomic design with ample legroom and armrests
  • Lithium flight-approved battery and charger
  • Rich information, programmable LCD display
  • Embedded headlights
  • Anti-theft wireless locking FOB key
  • Shock-absorbing airless NPT tires
  • PU leather seat / grips
  • Rear light lifting handle
  • Cruise control option for longer rides
  • Adjustable seat with 4 different heights
  • Automatic slowdown on steeper slopes
  • Easily adjust height and angle of tiller 
  • Lightweight aluminium chassis 
  • Brushless DC motor enhances durability and power
  • On / Off button
  • 6 Travel speeds 
  • 3 Wheels enable 52-degree radius
  • Onboard USB charging port
  • Warning sound alert (horn)
  • One-click shift from forward to reverse
  • Automatic reverse travel alert sound
  • Left hand compatible
  • Easy access to battery when folded
  • Patented contractable rear wheels 
  • Extra storage room under seat
  • TUV and CE certified
  • 12cm ground clearance in various terrains
  • ERB (Electric Release Brake) for safer braking  
  • ABS (Automatic Brake System) for emergency braking 
  • Front disc brake for extra safety
  • Free wheel (neutral mode) enables wheeling when battery is empty
  • ECO mode: limit speed / increase range

Color: Dark grey
Max speed: 6.2 mph
Driving distance per charge: 12.5 mile

Battery: 48 Volt lithium-ion, more than 20 km / 12.5 miles of continuous driving, only 4 hours on average for full charge. Charge on-board and off-board.
Charger: International 110-240V AC charger
EU and ROW (Rest of World) warranties provided

Product Dimensions:

Trolley Mode
Height 28” / 71 cm
Length 15.3” / 38.9 cm
Width 16.5” / 41.9 cm

Front Half 27.5 lbs / 12.5 kg
Rear half 38.5 lbs / 17.5 kg
Assembled 66 lbs / 30 kg
Battery 4.1 lbs / 1.85 kg

Weight Capacity
Maximum user weight 265 lbs / 120 kg

Drive Mode
Height 35” / 89 cm
Length 47” / 120 cm
Width 22” / 56 cm

Shipping Dimensions
Height 19.68” / 50 cm
Length 31.49” / 80 cm
Width 16.53” / 42 cm
Weight: 81.57 lbs / 37 kg

Dear Folding Scoter Store Customer,
Folding Scooter Store is proud to partner with Movinglife, designer and manufacturer of the ATTO Mobility Scooter, sold worldwide and used on a daily basis by thousands of satisfied customers in the U.S.
When purchasing a product from Folding Scooter Store you are ensured personal and comprehensive services from our dedicated Customer Service Team, that is always available to help - with a smile.
Folding Scooter Store and Movinglife provide a comprehensive technical support framework, as well as a warranty commitment on its products. That’s why you can rest assured that when you purchase the ATTO, you are purchasing the world’s most advanced and stylish mobility scooter, as well as the peace of mind that you will have dedicated support in dealing with any problem that may arise. 

Click Here to learn more about the product warranty information.

Portable Mobility Scooter - Atto


Pro Football Hall of Fame, elected in 1979

ATTO Ambassador & User.
The most frightening linebacker to ever play pro football, tackles all of his mobility obstacles with his ATTO Sport.


Designed for convenience while on-the-go, in storage or in transit, ATTO SPORT is easily transformed into a trolley and wheeled, can be folded into a compact size to fit smaller storage spaces, and enables segmentation into 2 lightweight parts for easy lifting and storage.

Foldable mobility scooter
ATTO SPORT MAX portable mobility scooter


Inspired by the design and performance of a sportscar, the ATTO SPORT MAX portable mobility scooter gives you the confidence that comes with independence and the esteem that comes with style.


ATTO SPORT enables a smooth and pleasant flight experience – from the moment you get in the car until you are seated on the plane. Equipped with a flight-approved battery, its compact size make it easy to store in the aircraft’s overhead compartment.



With its shock-absorbing capabilities, the ATTO SPORT ride will always be smoother. Its advanced airless tires offer you 100% puncture protection, so you never have a flat.


ATTO SPORT’s 3-wheel design enables users to maneuver smaller more challenging or narrow areas, while its broader-spaced rear wheels offer higher stability.


ATTO SPORT is geared with an industry-standard regenerative braking system that includes a front disc brake. The disc brake lever can be mounted on either side of the handlebar to accommodate left-handed users.


ATTO SPORT’s illuminated control panel enables users to personalize various features, such as sounds and alerts, regional measurement units, maximum speed and more.


ATTO SPORT’s powerful front and rear LED lights enable riding in dark conditions. It also features a rear warning light with 3 operational modes: off, flashing and on.


ATTO SPORT’s high ground clearance enables comfortable, smooth travel on various terrains and on natural paths.


Our growing range of accessories are here to help you customize your ATTO SPORT experience. Whether it’s extra storage, a flight optimized bag or crutch carrying support you are in need of, we’ve got you covered.


Movinglife was established by Polio survivor and serial entrepreneur Nino Ransenberg, to meet the real life needs he encounters every day. We continually apply feedback from our global community in the field, to the ongoing development of our products, down to the smallest detail.

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United States United States


I bought the Classic 2 years ago. Then on June 12th, a Major Airline destroyed it. I asked that they replace it with the Newest Model, which is the Atto Sport. I love my new Atto! It has so many New features. I give it a definite 5-Stars!

United States United States

The Cadillac of Scooters

My mom has had for a year now and we use at Disneyland for her to get around. Yes, it is very expensive, however it is more manageable than others out there in the market. It is truly the Cadillac of scooters. Now the feedback: Fedex delivered and the paint was scratched and a small dent in front piece, the box went through a war of something. I texted Folding Scooter Store to let them know, but I knew I would probably do something to it myself getting it in and out of the trunk, so lived with it. The battery lasts all day for us about 10 hours with still plenty of juice. We wish the horn was louder and different sounding as everyone ignores it. Love the front headlights, but the back light is a joke. You have to separately charge it and it is pretty flimsy light at best. It has high clearance which is great, however, her shins ache after a short period of time since the footbed is tilted up. I tried it for a bit and yes, my shins were killing me. I extend my legs off the footbed to stretch my legs, but they still ache and it is hard to keep your ankles on the edge. I would have considered going down to a 3star rating, but felt 4 was sufficient.

Gennady D.
United States United States

Great product and excellent technical support

I have started using Atto Sport with Shabbat controller relatively recently but already enjoying the ride. Due to foldability it greatly eases transportation (my previous Amigo scooter requires a lift to place into the car trunk). I really like the thoughtful and esthetic design, variety of accessories, adjustment options, and overall how elegant the scooter looks. I had some technical issues but worked with Devon Weber from the technical support and he was very knowledgeable and extremely patient to resolve my problems. In many senses, this product is a life changer for me as a polio surviver. It is not cheap but worth for me every penny. I am very thankful to the vendor.

Claudia K.
United States United States

great scooter

it is very very practical. please read how to use it as it is not working on high incline. it can be of great use when you have an injury.

Frank P.
United States United States

Love the scooters

Great experience. It takes a little time to get good at opening and closing, but after a few time’s it’s quite easy. I would love to see in the future if ATTO would develop some sort of sun umbrella or shade to be able to attach.Also the rep at the folding scooter store ROB is the best. Thanks Rob for all your help.

Doug S.
United States United States

It is very cool

Terrific! But don't turn too sharply if going too fast.

Judith C.
United States United States


Perfect...will ride it more when the snow lets up!

Burt P.
United States United States

I Love my Atto Sport

The engineering, the aesthetics, the quality and the physical stability of the Sport is outstanding. In addition the outstanding sales interaction by Rick Colson and service support by Robert Spellman is greatly appreciated. My only issue so far is with the extremely slow shipping support by FedEx.

Tracey z.
United States United States

atto sport

love it. but it is too heavy for me to lift even when separated in 2 parts