Comfort bundle

Brand: Movinglife


  Lease to own   Pay as low as   $/week

Ergonomic design for improved support and comfort

Doubles the supported back area, compared to a standard ATTO seatback

Easily connects to your ATTO, and disconnects

Includes breathable mesh cover to prevent sweating

Side finishing is made of leather for extra style

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Experience an elegant and comfortable ride with the Comfort Bundle for your ATTO scooter. This bundle includes a Luxury Orthopedic Backrest for optimal support, a Leather Carry-All for stylish convenience, and Armrests to enhance comfort. Reduce shock and minimize soreness for longer, fatigue-free rides. Enjoy a safe, secure, and comfortable journey.


Quick connection system without the need for tools Connects to the scooter even when it is folded

Dimensions: 18.5” X 16.9” X 5.7”

Weight: 2.552 lbs