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Enjoy superior weight capacity - even on Shabbat! Developed in Israel, the SHABBATTO MAX STAR-K is currently the ONLY Shabbat mobility scooter approved for use on Shabbat by STAR-K. SHABBATTO MAX STAR-K offers users the ability to activate an external mechanism, that deploys 2 principles to make it permissible for use on Shabbat: the Grama Principle and the existing current modulation technique. The SHABBATTO MAX STAR-K is a sports-car-like mobility scooter, that features all the high-performance and cutting-edge design elements of the ATTO SPORT but takes it one step further with the included Shabbat remote and enhanced weight capacity. Who can use SHABBATTO MAX STAR-K? SHABBATTO MAX STAR-K is approved to use during Shabbat by STAR-K and can be used by the physically challenged only. How it works? The SHABBATTO MAX STAR-K user can easily – and without the use of tools – install the Shabbat remote control on the scooter’s handlebar and activate the remote control before Shabbat. This action turns the SHABBATTO MAX STAR-K engine on, but lets it operate in “crawl” mode throughout the Shabbat, consuming minimum power. This halachic principle is known as “continuous current modification”. According to this principle, instead of turning the engine on in order...

Approved for use on Shabbat

Carries users with up to 300 lbs

Folds and unfolds in 10 seconds

Easily splits into 2 lightweight parts

Top Speed

4 mph

User Weight

300 lbs

Drive Range

10.5 Miles

Heaviest Part

38.5 lbs